Monday, August 9, 2010

It's All Coming Together

So today I picked up a very large package from the post office. Recently I ordered from an awesome etsy seller, a whole selection of display items for my jewellery. The order was delivered in about 2 weeks!

It was like Christmas morning when I unwrapped it - almost as much fun as a new gemstone order. I got eight plastic trays, eight dark purple velvet inserts, two long bracelet bars and 100 dark purple jewellery boxes. Everything was even nicer than I had anticipated, especially the velvet inserts. Because my colour scheme is dark purple, I just couldn't resist them.

I just had to lay out some of my pieces to see how they looked . . .

So now I have almost everything I need for my first open house. The iron earring display stand is on it's way, my business cards are designed and will be on order soon, my price tags have arrived and my packaging is complete.

Now on to the guest list!


  1. i'm excited for must be ready to burst!

  2. I am Leanne. Excited and nervous too - there's a lot riding on this! (Thanks for being a FB fan too.)