Thursday, November 26, 2009

I wonder, is there any way that I could just make jewellery all day and someone else can photograph it, do my accounting and filing and generally take care of everything else to do with my business? I guess that's called a partner. I find it a lot easier to spend hours on the development and creation of my pieces, but when it comes time for everything else, it feels like that dreaded "w" word - "work". Until now, it's felt a lot like "play"!

However, when I do get a decent photograph that accurately represents my piece, it is exciting. I know how important photographs are to selling online, so I refuse to post any jewellery until my photos are up to snuff. I already see an improvement over my first few sessions, but then I compared the recent ones to etsy sellers like PoleStar and realized I have a LONG way to go! I'm determined, though, so given enough time, I'm sure I'll get there!

As for the rest of the boring business details, I'm taking that slow. I had hoped to have my etsy shop up before Christmas, but I can see that's not going to happen. I don't even have my velvet bags yet, so I can't take a proper picture of my packaging. All in good time, I guess!

On a brighter note, I made a really pretty red coral necklace last night. I always figure a piece is a success when I feel a distinct desire to keep it for myself! I also started a couple of lariats, but am waiting for my headpins before I can finish. Must remember: don't run out of headpins! I did make a couple of bracelets that I'm happy with though. One is two different shades of blue pearls that I have had since Orangeville, and the other using the beautiful peridots I got from Bamiyan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Design

Yesterday I worked on a new design for my upcoming etsy business. Up until now I have only been working with gemstones. But I found some beautiful swarovski pearls in a powder almond colour and just had to buy them. Then I found a rhinestone pendant, also by swarovski, and the design just came together. Originally it was going to be a choker, but the asymmetrical design lent itself better to a slightly longer necklace. Now, I know there are hundreds, probably thousands of jewellery pieces being sold on etsy using swarovski pearls, but now I know why. They have a great weight to them, a beautiful luster, and are a real pleasure to work with. I find that this almond colour goes equally well both with sterling and gold-filled wire, which makes the colour very accommodating. Now I am on to making some matching earrings!