Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Jewellery Line for Little Girls

So a couple of posts ago I wrote about my struggle over my line of jewellery for little girls. While I pictured myself using lampwork animal beads (too cute!), swarovski crystals, silver-plated chain, the U.S. government said, "Nuh-uh. If you do that, you have to send every item to a lab for testing". Oh.

So anyway, I have since decided to go to Plan B, which is to design birthstone and heirloom jewellery for girls using only sterling silver, genuine gemstones and freshwater pearls. Pricier yes, but exempt from testing. Rather than be an impulse Christmas present from Santa, my jewellery will be more a special birthday gift from Grandma, or a special flower girl gift.

I have just started on this little adventure, and found that it's a lot of fun to design for little girls. After all, they enjoy beautiful, sparkly things as much as grown women do, and can appreciate jewellery just as much. Of course, because I'm focussing on birthstone jewellery, if I make one necklace, I have to make 11 more in all different stones!

Not sure how well they will sell, or if anyone will even look at them. But I'm having fun.

And I'm lucky enough to have a very willing, very beautiful model to show off my new designs:


  1. I think your jewelry is beautiful! And they look great on your model. :) I'm glad you found a way around your obstacle!

  2. such cute and pretty little itemss