Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Loves Pink?

Pink topaz is my favourite gemstone.

Amazing stones by ForTheLoveOfBeads

If pink is your favourite colour, then pink topaz is the obvious choice. I love it all, from the palest pink:

Pink Topaz Necklace Flower Wrapped Gold Jewelry

Pink topaz flower necklace

To the deepest hot pink:

Pink Topaz Necklace Silver Emerald Cut Jewelry

Hot pink topaz emerald cut necklace

It pairs beautifully with citrine:

Citrine, Sapphire, Pink Topaz and Gold Bead Earrings

Gorgeous earrings by TaylorMadeJewelry

And I love how pink topaz complements amethyst as well:

Ready to Ship. February Birthday. Purple Amethyst, Pink Topaz ,Amethyst Rondelle Cluster,Mystic Pink Quartz. . ONLY ONE.

Elegant earrings by LeBijouPrecieux

And then there are the stones that make you want to cry:

Hot Pink Topaz Necklace with Keishi Pearls and Rubies in Gold

Keishi pearl necklace in gold with pink topaz focal

What is your favourite gemstone?


  1. I love all gemstones but of the ones you have shown, I love the pink flower necklace. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous pieces of jewelry.. I am not a pink girl.. I'm more of a blues and greens type of person.. but the last necklace and the pale pink stones are beautiful

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