Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Picture-Taking - The Ups and Downs

Let me just say that I am no photographer. I never wanted to BE a photographer. However, when you plan to sell your wares online, excellent pictures are not just nice, they are imperative. My jewellery is going to be mixed in with thousands of other pieces on etsy (why did I have to pick the most saturated category?) and they need to stand out. So often I spend more time behind the camera than I do making jewellery.
I have seen a lot of improvement though, which keeps me motivated. (Look at my early blog posts if you don't believe me!) As soon as I got a light box, hauled out the tripod and the remote, and got to work, my photos started to look so much better. However, it was the addition of a crummy little worklight from Scott's garage that made the most difference. Now I can move it around the jewellery, taking shots at different angles, to see what makes the gems truly sparkle. I hope he knows he's not getting that worklight back.
So above are four shots I took the other day. I'm not sure which I will use; etsy allows five pictures for each listing, but one will be of my packaging, so I have four to choose from. I also will allocate one photo to show the earrings hanging, and one taken directly overhead. That's the other thing I spend an inordinate amount of time doing: sorting, deleting, editing and cropping.
I have a newfound respect for photographers. It is a LOT of work (at least for me), and truly and art form in itself. Now, back to the camera!


  1. These photos are fantastic! I also spend more time behind the camera and editing than actually creating. I've improved but so much more improvement is needed!! The earrings are fantastic too!! :)

  2. I agree, the taking of pictures is the hardest part and very time consuming, It can also get pretty expensive if one starts purchasing all the necessary paraphernalia that goes along with it, such as: a profession light box, lights, tripod, remote, props, and last but by no means least, a good quality camera !

    However your photos are magnificent and so is your jewelry. Yes I know, the British always laugh at the way we in the States spell Jewellery. :D

  3. Those photos are great! Even as someone who takes photographs as a hobby, I have trouble getting my photos just right for Etsy.